TBBA Tentative 2017 Dates

We have set up the TENTATIVE dates for TBBA schedule for 2017. We are still waiting for confirmations from the Marina’s.

As a foot note, we have been taking paypal payments and will still continue to do so but if you are able to we would prefer etransfer. The reason for this is the cost paypal are now charging us. We are paying over $5 a transaction so we would prefer to do etransfer. Remember we will still take paypal payments if you don’t have etransfer.

Here are the TENTATIVE dates:

  • 1st qualifier July 2 Rondeau Bay
  • 2nd qualifer Jul 23 Long Point
  • 3rd qualifier Aug 6 Mitchell’s Bay
  • Classic top 30 teams Aug 27 Sarnia


We are excepting payments anytime. The website is still wonkey but you can use the paypal there.
Cindy and Dean

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