Shipping Channel Warning


The Windsor Port Authority, along with all other local law enforcement agencies both Canadian and American are aggressively moving to resolve an important issue happening in the Detroit River.

SMALL BOATS *M*U*S*T* give way to the commercial traffic in the shipping channels of the Lakes and Rivers. Any vessel found impeding the shipping/commercial traffic in a designated shipping channel will be charged with the following:

In Canadian waters, a minimum charge of $600 for each offence.

In U.S. Waters, a charge of $5000 with a minimum ONE YEAR SENTENCE for any vessel operator found at fault in an accident that resulted from being in violation.

If you are fishing in the Detroit River, avoid the center and for the safety of all, if you see a freighter coming, get out of its way well before it has been forced to reduce it’s speed to avoid killing you. If you are thinking you will receive a warning before actually getting fined, consider this your courtesy warning, this offence is serious enough to warrant an immediate fine.

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